5 Ways to save money when traveling

5 Ways to save money traveling

Whether its for business or pleasure you always want to have the best experience and save the most money.  Am I right?
If you are like most people you spend quite a bit of your time scouting out the best way to get there as well as the best place to stay.  And then of course what to see and do when you’re there!

Wouldn’t it great to know you’re saving money so you can enjoy?

Here are 5 ways to save money traveling

1.  Don’t worry about getting everyone back home a souvenir

Look I get it!  I’ve traveled all over and everywhere I visit there are always souvenir shops that carry really beautiful items that when I think of those back home would really like.  But what I’ve learned is that no one cares if they get a shot glass or refrigerator magnet from where I’ve been.  Of course if you are returning to younger children bring them home something they will enjoy.  Something other than a momento would be a thought. 

2.  Choose places that treat you

That’s right!  Does the hotel or resort you’re staying at include any drinks, meals or entertainment?  Get togethers with appetizers or hor d’oeuvers before dinner?  Some do but don’t advertise in their material.  Be proactive and research further by calling.  Look for all inclusive if possible where all or some of your meals and drinks are included making the value even greater!  The money you save is real and the experience truly worth it.

3.  Join a travel club  

They’ve been around for a long time and have adapted to the ever changing travel landscape.  Most include perks and benefits that include discount airfare, hotels, excursions and exclusive entertainment.  Whereever you go you’ll have the satisfaction of saving money unlike anyone else on the same trip!  They really are an under utilized bargain and some have an additional benefit of a side business opportunity that might be perfect for you!

4.  Check out current credit card deals

Getting a NEW credit card isn’t always a great idea but if they have a deal that pays you for example $200 when you book your flight with that new card it’s a great way to save money!  Most have further deals that pay you in reward points for spending a certain amount within a timeframe.  Which I’ve found works great because it coincides with my trip, saves me a lot of hassle using just one card for my expenses and I can pay it off when I return. 

5.  Don’t over book activities or excursions

Boy I’ve made this mistake too many times and now I’ve learned.  While it’s certainly good to book activities that are rare and make unbelievable memories, don’t over do it!  You can save a ton of money by considering fewer activities at a given location.  This will allow you more time to actually ENJOY the location and take it all in!

I hope you enjoy every place you visit and forever stay curious about new destinations…
Stay safe and travel on! 


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